Canada gets the high bush blues

12 Jan , 2018 Carl Collen / www.fruitnet.com

Blueberries are the top horticulture crop in Canada, accounting for approximately 25 per cent of horticultural farm gate value

Blueberries remain the top export crop in Canada despite a decline in export volume and value in the most recent year recorded, 2016.
A new USDA GAIN report has pointed out that high bush blueberry production climbed 54 per cent from 55,737 tonnes in 2012 to 85,769 tonnes in 2016, while low bush production soared 100 per cent to 132,235 tonnes.
British Columbia produces between 96 and 98 per cent of Canadian exports of fresh cultivated blueberries in any given year, with 98 per cent of exports destined for the US.
"With increased competition from geographically proximate US growers, Oregon and Washington State in particular, the province of British Columbia has been exploring Asia-Pacific markets for increased export opportunities," the report noted.
"Data through October 2017 indicate that Canada is on pace to recover from 2016’s fresh cultivated blueberry export declines and return to the record high export level of 2015."